Sermons on Identity

Can Jesus Really Satisfy Me? - Asking for a Friend

Can Jesus Really Satisfy Me? – Asking for a Friend pt 3

In this Mother’s Day tag-team sermon, Sue and Shane Schlesman take a fresh look at the encounter of Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well. In this story, it is revealed just how much Jesus really knows us, our past, our present circumstances, and our future potential. The woman at the well came to realize that Jesus was all she truly needed in life to be fully satisfied. How about you? Let’s ask the question. If you had the…
Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are – At The Movies with The Lion King

NOTE: Due to copyright, the movie clips cited in this video are excluded from replay. We’re At The Movies again, this time with The Lion King. Don’t let the roaring lion of Satan rob you of who you really are created in God’s image! Return to the everlasting king, Jesus Christ, and embrace your true identity as a child of God, an heir of His Kingdom, and a powerful agent against the forces of evil.Remember who you are…who you were…