The My Story Project

The My Story Project


Stories of Transfomation

The My Story Project is about transformation. About people’s life-changing moments. About hope and tenacity and second chances for ordinary people choosing to live extraordinary lives. These are our stories in Richmond, Virginia. We hope they awaken your story, wherever you live.


We share raw stories about real people who have endured illness, grief, addiction, and devastation, just to name a few. Like you, people struggle with life, and yet somehow, these people are winning. And good news: they are brave enough to tell you how they did it.


A good story is worth your time, so we’ve developed multiple venues for interaction. In both short films and written narratives, we share personal stories of hope and transformation. Our podcast spotlights storytellers through an honest interview format. Our blog discusses popular topics and opens up a communication platform for readers. We are committed to truth that transforms individuals and the world.


Our stories aren’t spiced up to entertain you. They’re raw and persuasive because they are about topics we all care about. These stories peel back hurtful layers and open up communication on topics about self, family, and faith. Our stories address specific needs that demand our attention.


Our storytellers aren’t celebrities. They are regular people with regular resources who have reached outside themselves and found hope. They are resilient. They are every-day heroes. They are brave enough to tell their stories, so you can be brave enough to change yours.


Transformation makes life worth living.

Maybe you’re not living the story you meant to live. Maybe it’s not the movie reel you played in your head when you graduated from college or stood at the altar. You knew there’d be challenges in life, but you didn’t expect they’d be so hard.

If you could change your story, where would you start?

Meet The Team

We are a growing nonprofit team in Richmond, VA, sharing our lives, hoping to inspire yours, and having fun in the process. So far, we are:

Have skills and want to make a difference?

We’re always looking for talent with a heart for serving. Email Meg with a link to your technical chops!