Mike Dalton

Mike leads our production team for Sunday services where he maintains our cameras, screens, and projectors. He also oversees the volunteer teams in these areas. Mike manages our Staff Resource Center where we do most of our printing and signage. Mike is also our IT Director.

Beth Hamilton

Beth is the Director for Camp WEAG, a 70-acre retreat property in Amelia County. She oversees all operations and reservations for the Camp.

Sue Schlesman

Sue oversees discipleship including sermon response follow up, adult Bible studies, classes, workshops, and the Connections Gathering for new believers.

Kathryn Straw

Kathryn guides the Engagement and Experience process by managing the Sunday morning volunteers, first-time visitors, Next Steps, facilitating outreach events, and managing the social media accounts.

Nikki Kelly

Nikki supports the Worship Pastor and all worship events, services, and initiatives. She communicates with service participants, helps create the order of worship and produces sermon graphics. Nikki is responsible for the weekly email, announcement slides and live announcements. 

Gina Dalton

Gina teaches three- and four-year-old children for the Preschool at West End. She is the nursery director and baby dedication coordinator. Gina is also an assistant for congregational care.

Cathy Kelly

Cathy oversees the care process. She is responsible for maintaining the prayer lists as well as arranging for pastoral calls and visits, benevolence requests, and all aspects of funeral arrangements. Cathy makes sure all are loved and cared for by our pastors and staff.

James Smith

James leads our facilities team and is responsible for all aspects of building security, maintenance, and repair. James is also the director of our sports ministry.

Amy Mahan

Amy leads the Community 50+ leadership team, which creates opportunities for connection, spiritual growth and transformation, and care for one another. 

Thomas Kelly

Thomas is the Music Director overseeing the worship bands that lead on Sunday mornings. He helps coordinate and plan worship experiences and assists with music projects for students and other ministries.

Nicole Pearson

Nicole is the director of Encor Academy. Encor Academy is a ministry of WEAG | Church that helps students of all ages pursue training in the arts.