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weag.church video tour

weag.church Video Tour

WEAG is a very diverse, dynamic church with events, classes, studies, groups, missions trips, local outreach and much more going on nearly 24×7. We have to make A LOT of information, tools, and resources available to support those many people groups, interests, and activities. The downside is this website can seem overwhelming and challenging to find what you seek. But, with a brief walk-thru, you’ll be navigating to your area of interest in no time….. Watch the video tour in…
Welcome to weag.church

Welcome to WEAG’s New Website!

From the Communications Team… In celebration of WEAG’s 50th birthday, we are excited to welcome you to WEAG’s new home on the web: weag.church! Why a new website? The previous website at weag.org served us well for the past five years. When it was created, digital communications were very different. Live streaming was not a thing. Having a mobile responsive site was suggested but not expected. WEAG didn’t even have social media profiles. Fast forward to today, and the expectations…